About Us

Across the globe. there are over 5.16 billion unique mobile phone users.
This is a number that is likely to keep rising and changing along with our growing reliability on mobile technology. Paired with this, incredibly, there are over 161 million laptop units and 49.9 million iPads shipped and sold each year. That means that every single day, over half of the world’s population is attached to some piece of mobile technology, whether it’s using a phone for communication, a tablet for entertainment or a laptop for work.

Mobile technology is a constantly evolving, fast paced space and everyone wants access to the next big thing. We work to keep mobile tech moving and make it available, in bulk, to a variety of sectors and provide a reliable service, and individual opportunity to secure graded devices at remarkable prices.

We have created our own space serving the corporate, retail and trade sectors and can help anyone including online storefronts, physical retail outlets, phone carriers, suppliers, network providers, brokers, traders and more.

Based in the UK, we have established a customer base and reliable trade connections throughout Europe, US and Asia.