I am a Corporate

Our corporate customers are from a variety of industries and backgrounds, from SME’s to large enterprises.

We like to keep our services transparent and simple. That is why we only offer two services; We buy and, we sell.

We understand that when managing a team, communication is key. Mobile technology is at the forefront of enabling this connectivity. However, technology is a rapidly changing space and the pressure to stay ahead of this is felt across the board. That is where we at Albuhera step in. When it is time to upgrade, there are several ways in which we can help to make this as hassle free as possible.

Buying | Our Offering
If you’re looking for a reliable and economical upgrade solution, we can help. At Albuhera we source high quality devices, all carefully tested and graded by our in-house tech team. We offer a variety of different models, makes and conditions from new, to refurbished. Buying in bulk from Albuhera is the easiest way to get the latest technology, reliably at a fraction of the RRP.

Selling | We Buy from You!
When the time for refresh rolls around, you may be left with a lot of phones or laptops that you no longer have a use for. Instead of trying to sell them off individually or go through the arduous process of recycling, simply sell them onto us. In these scenarios we don’t ask you to grade the handsets, just let us know the quantity and the model – we can handle the rest.
Grading | About Our Devices
Albuhera devices are all carefully graded after rigorous, expert testing. We test everything from IMEI and network status to camera, audio and face ID. No button is left unpushed and no flash is left in the dark. You can find out about our full grading definitions, here.
Get what you want at Albuhera.