I am a Retailer

Our retail customers run a diverse range of stores and shops, both online and on the high street.

These retail spaces are evolving with great speed as the trends and demands of shoppers all change and grow.

One thing that has not let up however, is the ongoing consumer need for the latest, most recent technologies. Whether is it s mobile phone, tablet, laptop, iPad, etc – the demand is huge! The trend now is not just to be at the forefront of the latest tech trends, but also to be fully mobile. On average, 92% of consumers are accessing the internet from a mobile device with the largest percentage being on a smart phone, closely followed by laptops.

Buying | Our Offering
If you are looking for a reliable, expert supplier of all thing’s mobile tech, we can help. We understand the pressure to stay up to date with retail trends, as well as how quickly the environment can change from trends to pricing and footfall. We offer a variety of in demand products, including Apple and Android devices, as well as tablets and laptops, from new to refurbished.

Selling | We Buy from You!
You might be running a trade in scheme at your store, a brokerage, or simply just have some excess stock that didn’t sell the way you had expected. You could take the time to repair these devices, or wait to sell them off individually but, at Albuhera we offer a different solution: Simply sell them to us! Just let us know what you are looking to sell and we can handle the rest.
Grading | About Our Devices
Albuhera devices are all carefully graded after rigorous, expert testing. We test everything from IMEI and network status to camera, audio, face ID as well as full laptop or tablet functionality. No button is left unpushed and no flash is left in the dark. You can find out about our full grading definitions, here.
Get what you want at Albuhera.