I am a Trader

Our Trade space customers are primarily brokers or wholesalers. These teams and individuals work throughout all reaches of the mobile tech channel and can spread stock worldwide.

For our trade partners, we again keep our services transparent by offering a very simple buying and selling menu.

We understand that the trade space thrives on change, and that requirements and pricing can differ daily. Here at Albuhera we stay on top of not just pricing fluctuations, by matching the market standards, but we also keep up to date on stock patterns and trends both within the UK and across the continent.

Buying | Our Offering
Buying within the trade space differs from our other industries. It is commonplace here to host a variety of deals, from face to face transactions to drop-shipping and of course, intercontinental and worldwide deliveries. If you are looking for consistently reliable stock from a partner who can help facilitate any quantity at any time or place, then look no further than the Albuhera team.

Selling | We Buy from You!
Much like our own model, the trade space works on both buying and purchasing. We understand that usually wherever a mobile device goes, there are usually more to be found. If you’re working within this space, specifically with laptops, iPhones, Android devices, iPads and tablets – please don’t hesitate to contact us with your offering today.
Grading | About Our Devices
Albuhera devices are all carefully graded after rigorous, expert testing. We test everything from IMEI and network status to camera, audio, face ID as well as full laptop or tablet functionality. No button is left unpushed and no flash is left in the dark. You can find out about our full grading definitions, here.
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